Invitation for the "Prathyangira Maha shantika Maha Yaga"


Dear Sathsang,


Well and wish to hear the same from your side. Enclosed is the invitation for the "Prathyangira Maha shantika Maha Yaga" that is to be performed at our temple from 9th till 20th of this month. "Prathyangira' is also known as 'Atharvana Bhadrakali "who is suppose to be the "shakthi" the vital energy of the Lord "Sarabeshwara"  a form of lord Siva. "Bhadra" in sanskrit means Auspicious and "Kali" is she who controls all the three time periods i.e. Past, Present and the Future. It is she who is taking care of us and blesses us with auspicious. Are we not just puppets in her hands?

A doubt arises in general is, why god takes "Ugra" form if she is filled up with kindness"Daya". The sastras anwsers this question of ours as "DYTHYANAAM DEHA NASHAYA, RAKSHANAM ABHAYAYA CHA"(For the destruction of the evil and to protect the good I (DEVI)carry the Weapons) (Devi Mahathmya).

"Prathyangira maha mantra" is also the "Astra mantra" of lord Siva. "Astra" is weapon and the sastras declares "ASTRAM SHATRU VIMARDANAM" (the weapons will destroy the enemy). Here enemy need not necessary be some human .It is all the energies that are acting as hindrance to our success. "MANTRA" in sanskrit has got two roots - "MAN"- To repeat and "TRA" -To protect. Hence a "Mantra" is nothing but a protection for us through the repetition of particular names of particular lord. Just by intaking some medicine we get cured from the disease, By repeating some mantra for particular times with particular metre it creates some energy which will fulfill our desires. This is our BELIEF and the TRUTH.

It is in this context that we have decided(ordered by the god) to perform the "Adhvara". The "prathyangira moola mantra" will be chanted for Nine Lakh times and one tenth of the total chanting will be offered in the form of fire sacrifice by experts of this "mantra" from different parts of Tamil Nadu. "Prathyangira" will remove all the negative energies that are slowing our progress and bless the world with peace and happiness. Any prayers performed at the temple is always for the world in general. "LOKAS SAMASTHA SUKINO BHAVANTHU"(let all the beings be happy). This is the prayer (SHOULD BE THE PRAYER) of any member of this oldest faith of the world.

Please pray for the successful completion of this prayers. Please do participate if you are in town. Else you can join us through your mind ("MANASEEKA'). My sincere prayers to my mother Sri Kalikambal to bless your family with peace and happiness. Let all your dharmic desires be fulfilled.

Jai Hind

In the service of Lord Siva

Swami Sathasivom Sivacharyar

T.S.Kalidasa Sivacharyar

T.S.Shanmukha Sivacharyar


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